Mindfulness Dialogue 21 Day

W.1 D.1 Making Space

W.1 D.2 Being Present

w.1 d.3 self and story

w.1 d.4 suffering

w.1 d.5 a new cosmic story

w.1 d.6 compassion

w.1 d.7 self-compassion

w.2 d.1 a bridge into exploration

w.2 d.2 active listening

w.2 d.3 reflective listening

w.2 d.4 self listening

w.2 d.5 the art of the question

w.2 d.6 vulnerability

w.2 d.7 following the discomfort

w.3 d.1 the given note

w.3 d.2 four moves

w.3 d.3 the way of unknowing

w.3 d.4 aikido

w.3 d.5 mindfulness dialogue living

w.3 d.6 changing the world

w.3 d.7 the great dance