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Childhood in Belfast:  born a Catholic into a fractured Protestant-Catholic world.

Kenya where I worked for a number of years as a Catholic priest.

A Ph.D I wrote with Thomas Berry.

My marriage to Ann.

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https://www.pavimentoantitrauma.it/3102-dtit21445-incontripersonali.html My vision is an ecological society where ecology refers to the myriad networks of relationships that constitute all life, including the human.  This vision includes essential (though often ignored) dimensions of human life, such as meaning and purpose: what I would call the spiritual.



Mindfulness is the practice of presence; Dialogue is the art of creative interaction that allows new meaning to emerge. These apparently opposite processes can in fact be mutually enhancing in a way that is synergistic. When mindfulness practices are brought together with the skills and process of Dialogue, they can produce a fertile field of creativity.