17 Comments on A NEW STORY

    A Reflection Inspired by the 8th Anniversary of the Death of Thomas Berry Underpinning Narrative Today, when we need it most, we have no underpinning narrative that unites us in a common identity and gives us purpose. Without such a foundation, it is extremely difficult to navigate the strange waters of our times. David Brooks,…

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    5 Comments on THE LEATHERMAN’S LOOP

    My invitation to share experiences and ideas about Holy Week elicited some interesting comments. By ‘Holy Week’ I meant to include not only the heart of the Christian tradition but also the central core of any faith perspective, whether that be religious or not. Some of the responses brought these together by focusing not simply…

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    13 Comments on HOLY WEEK

    “It is the time you have wasted for your rose that makes your rose so important.” (Antoine de Saint-Exupery, The Little Prince) Growing up as a Catholic in Ireland, and then, later, working as a missionary priest for many years, the week before Easter – what Christians call Holy Week – was always central to…

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    14 Comments on THE SOUL’S WAY

    Clear mornings bring the mountains to my doorstep. Calm nights give the rivers their say. Some evenings the wind puts its hand on my shoulder. I stop thinking. I leave what I’m doing and I go the soul’s way John Moriarty Last time I wrote about a new chapter in my blogging efforts that would…

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    48 Comments on A NEW BLOG

    My website disappeared again recently. However, this time, my initial response of anxiety and frustration gave way to an examination of some assumptions, like what is my intention with this website, and specifically the Blog? I recalled that my initial intention when I started 10 years ago was to reflect on my past to help…

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