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9 thoughts on “RESURRECTION”

  1. I can’t know what really happened at the tomb of Jesus. It’s very difficult, even impossible, for us to imagine what the Gospels describe from inside our modern, secular, scientific world view. Miracles don’t happen in our modern world view. So we reach for another answer. I want to offer that this is a limiting factor, which modern physics challenges. I see so many “exceptions” that I believe that reality is more porous than our world view allows. “unusual” things happen very often, but we deny or dismiss them because they are “impossible.” I am certain that it is not impossible for Jesus to have actually appeared in a recognizable form to people he loved after his death. I believe he has appeared to me –not once, but over and over, very differently each time. I treasure these encounters with the resurrected Lord.

  2. Thank you for this clear vision of the resurrection of the true self.
    I often feel my limitations, the shadow parts of myself, the limited ego self that I speak to internally. I shout out that i embrace my awakened self and the invisible forces of non-duality as well as the shadow parts. Self forgiveness is the new discovery.

  3. Hi tThese are deep mysteries indeed. I have often pondered on what we are meant to
    Take from the appearances after the resurrection and have thought about it as being like recognising someone as ‘living on’ in their child or grandchild. In this way we are reminded that we share a collective spirit and should try to meet Jesus in everyone?

    1. It clearly is an aspect of resurrection: recognizing someone ‘living on’ in their child or… Certainly it is about awakening to a reality that is truly there but but mostly invisible to us. In the next Blog – The Connecting Loop – I address this, I think, by suggesting that when we truly connect with anyone (or anything) we see what I call ‘the beauty’ that is already there but usually missed. Perhaps then it’s more about meeting what Jesus spoke about and pointed to…

  4. The right hand of the Lord has triumphed! the right hand
    of the Lord is exalted! I shall not die, but live, and declare the works of the Lord.The same stone which the builders rejected has become
    the cornerstone.This is the Lord’s doing, and it is marvelous in our eyes.On this day the Lord has acted; we will rejoice and be glad in it!
    Psalm 118:16-17; 22-24

    Over the years, I have preached many Easter sermons. Some have been inspiring—some not so much. As I have gotten older, I have come to the conviction that I can really only preach from personal experience. Finally, that is all we have to say. I am remembering the words of the man blind from birth healed by Christ, when he was questioned by the temple authorities. His final witness was simply– “This I know, once I was blind– and now I see– once I was blind, and now I see!”
    When I consider my own experience of the resurrected Christ, I fall back ultimately on two vivid events in my life– the first when I was converted to a living faith in 1953 at Yale University at the age of eighteen. My first year in college was extremely difficult, as I wrestled with what we would now define as deep depression and anxiety. Struggling against the downward pull of destructive emotions, I turned to religious reading and practice.
    One day I was studying alone deep in the stacks of the library, reading a book on philosophy, when I sensed a powerful ray of light that suddenly emerged from the shelves in front of me and penetrated my chest with an expansive warmth. In that instant I realized the love of God surrounding me, and a sense of oneness with the universe that lifted me beyond my daily struggles to a realm of certainty and truth.
    At that moment there was not any doubt in my being that the God of the universe was a real and personal force, and that in the person of Jesus as the Christ he had shown the reality of love for the human race—and, more especially, for me as a unique individual.
    In the weeks following this experience in the Yale library, I found myself healed of the emotional problems that had been with me for over a year. There were other factors at work, by there has never been any doubt in my mind that the moment in the stacks carried with it the healing power of the risen Christ, a power as real as the force of gravity.
    The second event occurred twenty-nine years ago, in the summer of 1984. We were on vacation in the town of Eastham, on Cape Cod. I had already been ordained for twenty-five years, and had undergone the many and varied experiences that accompany ordained ministry in the Episcopal Church. I had known the heights of inspiration and the depths of sorrow that are so much a part of sharing people’s life journeys day by day.
    I had sat with parents mourning the loss of a young child, had been present at numerous deathbeds, had preached countless sermons, performed many weddings and baptisms. I had seen most of the aberrations of human behavior that one can imagine. My ministry had taken me to large and small churches, to urban and suburban settings, to involvement with social issues from mental health to civil rights.
    Yet with all of my experiences at that point in my life, I was still sur-prised by that quiet morning on Cape Cod. I was walking alone along one of the shore roads, as was my custom, at six o’clock in the morning. It was a lovely Cape day in late summer, with the early sunlight glinting on the Bay, and bird songs the only sound to be heard.
    As I walked over a particular stretch of the road leading to First En-counter Beach, I was thinking about my own journey through life– the places I had been and the things I had done. Suddenly, I was overwhelmed with the sense of a Presence. I don’t really know how to describe it. It wasn’t my rational mind that perceived the Presence– perhaps it was my sixth– or seventh– sense.
    It was like that eerie feeling that you sometimes get in a dark place, where the hair actually stands up on your arms, as you imagine something terrible there in the dark with you– except that this time it was neither dark nor terrible. I was aware with an overwhelming certainty that someone was walking along with me– a few steps behind and to my right. Because of the depth of the feeling, I had no doubt who it was.
    Back in my early years, when I had the experience in the library at Yale, I had sensed for a moment what I knew to be the Presence of the living Christ. But that had been thirty years before, and though I had known deep moments of inspiration in my ministry, nothing had been as powerful as that first experience. Yet here I was, walking along a road on Cape Cod, and that same overwhelming Presence had returned. I said, “Is it really you?” I heard no voice reply, but I knew the answer with all of my being. And I just kept on walking.
    I walked for a distance of about fifty yards, with this overwhelming sense of the Risen Christ beside me. In those moments I felt my life’s journey affirmed. In that state of awareness, there was nothing to do but to be and walk. Then, as suddenly as it had appeared, the Presence was gone. There was no doubt in my mind that I had experienced once more the Holy Spirit of the Living Christ.
    As I stood on a bluff overlooking Cape Cod Bay, I saw the sand spits stretching out into the blue water. A lone seagull flew past me, heading to-wards the East. At one with this lovely, natural scene I felt, rather than heard, a quiet voice say to me, echoing in my mind— “Heal My Earth”. It was at that point that my focus of ministry shifted to environmental concerns. And it is the echo of that voice, rather than some philosophical or political agenda, that has kept me engaged for the decades since in searching for ways to bring healing to God’s Creation.
    On both the occasions I have described, I was vividly aware of a presence, a light, an energy which conveyed to me the power of divine love and was experienced by me as the presence of the Risen Christ. I was acutely aware of being fully known– and fully accepted. I sensed that I was being connected with the force of life itself– yet conveyed in a personal form that was not overwhelming, but affirming and caring.
    I felt a vital message being given to me in both of these experiences– the first calling me to a living faith in the Risen Christ, the second gently moving me in the direction of serving God’s Creation. One lasted but a few seconds– the other several minutes as I walked fifty yards along the road in Eastham on Cape Cod.
    What both experiences brought with them was a certainty that has never been shaken– a knowledge of the reality of God and of the resurrected Christ. Oh, I can debate the theology of the resurrection with the best of them. I can argue against the possibility of revivifying a dead body. But whatever the mechanism and whatever the theology, the one thing I cannot deny are those two experiences of the Living Christ, both gifts of grace.
    With the blind man healed by Jesus I can say with conviction “Once I was blind, and now I see!” But what is it that I saw? A fairy tale God that blasts through the created order to perform miracles at odds with the laws of the universe? I am more and more convinced that this is not the case. I am more and more convinced that the Easter Event was an expression of spiritual laws that underlie the functioning of the universe itself– not contrary to, but fulfilling what we call the “laws of nature”.
    What amazing miracles are being discovered every day about the origin of the universe and the solar system, the intricate structure of matter and of the biosphere. Biologists have completed the mapping of a human genome in a single individual– the DNA structure of human beings. What a miracle of complexity and genius resides in our very bodies as we sit today in this church!
    And what the scientific understanding of the creation expresses about that genius behind its origin! We are increasingly aware that all of life is a miracle, beside which miraculous events recorded in the scripture sometimes seem like sleight of hand. My experiences of what I would identify as the resurrected Christ left me with a sense of connectedness with the source of the miracle of life itself. It skinned my eyes of that blindness that so often comes when we are so sunk in our immediate surroundings that we cannot see beyond them.
    For me, along with this wonder, experience and understanding has come an increasing certainty that life does not end at the grave– and that the entity and experience we know as the human spirit has about it the quality of eternity. The event of the resurrection is not so much an invasion of life as it is the culmination of a work that has gone on throughout the evolutionary pro-cess– and has surfaced in the human race through the religious instinct. In Jesus of Nazareth that work exploded into consciousness, and we came to see beyond the limits of earthly life to eternity.
    “The right hand of the Lord has triumphed!” cries the psalmist. “The right hand of the Lord is exalted! I shall not die, but live, and declare the works of the Lord.”
    What would I say to you this Easter? I would say, look around you with new eyes. For whatever reason you came to St. Bernard’s on this Easter morning– out of habit, guilt, the pressure of parents or spouses– or the true joy of belief– know that here today you are on Holy Ground. This place, this altar is an opening to the mysterious forces from which you have come and to which you will return. And here in this place I proclaim to you what is for me not a vain hope, or a fanciful wish– but the knowledge that comes from one whose eyes have been opened, and whose life experience has been the living out of this ultimate reality:


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