moved here Preparation

A Leader to guide the process

A space that can be made dark

Seats in a circle

Container of sand (large enough to hold a few big candles and a small one from each participant)

Larger candles for opening ritual of the emergence of the Cosmos (Big Bang, Galaxies…)

One person (or more) to light the candles for the ‘ order priligy dapoxetine Life as Light from Darkness’ Ritual

Smaller candles for each participant (for does famvir need a prescription ‘Hope and Possibility Ritual’)

Enough Clementines (or oranges) for each participant to get a piece

Copies of handouts for participants

People to read the poems and readings

Music set up (sung or accessed in the moment from the web or downloaded)

Overview: Leader                                                                                      5 m                

Ritual is ‘sacred play’ when we symbolize (with music, movement, poetry, silence) the reality in which we live, that we both know and don’t know, in order to find meaning and inspiration for living more fully. This ritual has the structure of a Mindfulness- Dialogue whose purpose is to participate in the emergence/unfolding (dia) of meaning (logos) – reality’s purpose. Like all play it is ‘serious fun’ (Just watch children at play). A Mindfulness-Dialogue has three parts: Connecting, Exploring, and Discovering.

Part 1: Connecting to Darkness                                                                       15 m              

Leader or a participant to read Rilke: You darkness from which I come…

Leader or a participant to lead Mindfulness Ex. in darkness….

Life as Light from Darkness Ritual:

Person(s) to Light one candle (The Big Bang) = Add further candles (Galaxies) = Then a candle in container (Solar System) = Add further candles (earth, life, human)

Q. What does this stir on you? Deep memories? Hopes? Awareness? New identity?

Participants to share some brief statements….


Someone to read RS Thomas: The Bright Field

Segue: Song (Mystery): Sing, Play                                                                5 m                 

Part 2: Exploring Light                                                                             20 m  

Leader: As (conscious) human beings we have attempted to find meaning in life, especially at times of darkness like winter (or suffering) through our origin stories of the world and where we fit..

People to read Readings from traditions about cosmos: Australian, Hindu, Hebrew, Christian

Someone to Light a candle with each reading (around room: adding light)

Leader:  In our attempts to express meaning we have tended to be simply human-focused with the standard of success being how we correspond to a pre-existing divine reality Vs how well we assist the emergence of life/the universe

Someone to read the science-based description of the cosmos

Q. What do these stories say….to you….now

Participants to share some brief remarks

Leader: Segue: Our Secular Christmas (Santa Claus) is part of the evolving story (cosmology) that attempts to express meaning (values, purpose, etc.)

It reflects the 19th century Industrial Age world of work, social issues, hope (the Xmas Tree), helping poor. But here our children become the focus for this aspect (gifts, etc.)

The values of the past (gratitude, hope, kindness, etc) are retained, but there is a new personification of the accessible but still mysterious hero figure (Santa)

Song: I am Christmas…reflects this shift                                                    5 m                 

Part 3: Discovering New Ways                                                              15 m

Leader: The scientific story represents our growing understanding of the universe and our role BUT this story needs to be presented in a more integral way (to reflect the numinous, values, the spiritual Vs simply the material, randomness, etc.)

Someone to read Berry piece

Q. So what is our role?

Someone to read Rilke: I Believe in All…  

SILENCE….Listen for any insights….comments…

Participants to share these as statements of hope and possibility…and prayer

AND light a candle as they make their statement and place it in center container to symbolize the communion that we are expressing and our hope for the future

Play Minuit === Invite everyone to move to the music..Join in.                                                                                               

Leader: Segue: WE ARE THE UNIVERSE..THE UNIVERSE IS US                    5 m

Someone to read Mary Oliver = This is our purpose and our work

Symbolic Communion:                                                                            10 m               

Leader: In this part of the ritual we express and nurture our interdependence with all life by sharing and consuming….like the Eucharist of the Christian tradition

One or two clementines/oranges:

Peel == feel, smell, see. Then Share with each other: we are all expressions of the cosmos: channels, voices, bearers of meaning (through our consciousness)…and Eat

Close  Someone to Read: Rilke: I Live my Life L

Let this be the foundation of our various. Christmas/Hannukah/Kwanzaa celebrations

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